Friday, February 15, 2013

Gair Linhart & The Diamonds

A blast from the past...
A popular Cleveland group. I used to see them a lot during the summer of 1981, usually at the Euclid Tavern.

Tucky's was run by a former Cleveland councilman, and was notorious for ripping off bands that played there. It previously had been the Happy Apple Disco. John Bassette was a famous Cleveland based singer, known for songs such as "Hessler Street" and Weed and Wine."

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trulyfree said...

I remember Gair Linhart too. I used to see him at the Euclid Tavern when I was going to law school at Case in 1979-1982. I lived right near there on Hessler St.

I actually remember one of his songs called "Five Dollar Bill" which I really liked. I tried to find it on Youtube" but couldn't find it, but I found Gair is still performing music, writing poetry, and making art, has a website and now lives in Albuqueque, NM.

I think he was in I-tal at the beginning too.