Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New York, Ontario & Western: Dickson City

A crossbuck along the O&W right-of-way in Dickson City. We hiked portions of the O&W yesterday, I've added some to the O&W page on the other site:


sidetrack@comcast.net said...

That is *not* an O&W crossbuck at an O&W crossing. It is the crossbuck at the Hallstead and Morgan Street intersection of Dickson City for the Storrs Branch of the DL&W RR to the Storrs Colliery. This branch was originally accessed by the NYS&W which paralleled the O&W Scranton branch from Winton(Jessup). After the O&W was abandoned, the EL took over the O&W Dickson Yard and O&W line to Scranton to continue coal shipments into the '70s until operations ceased. The rails were pulled up in the '80s but the crossbuck still remains, as do the rails in the roadway. This style of crossbuck is typical of the DL@W.

Anonymous said...

This is *not* an O&W crossbuck on the O&W right-of-way. This RR crossing is at the
Hallstead St. and Morgan St. intersection in Dickson City. The rail line is the
Storrs Branch of the DL&W used to access the Storrs Colliery, also owned by the DL&W. This branch was always operated by the Lackawanna RR and later the EL.

The DL&W originally accessed this branch via the NYS&W Winton branch from Jessup
which paralleled the O&W Scranton branch. After the O&W went bankrupt, the EL purchased the O&W Dickson Yard and remaining line to Scranton and used this for
access. Operations ceased in the '70s and the rails on the Storrs branch were torn
up in the '80s.