Friday, April 9, 2010

The Nickle Bagge

The Nickle Bagge were active on the Scranton rock scene in 1967-68. The members included:
Steve Matura - Lead Vocals
Joe Lista - Rhythm Guitar
Fred Wisse - Bass
Joe Jennsen - Lead/ Rhythm Guitar
Ron Amorino - Drums

The band were regulars at the Cave in West Scranton, played numerous dances, fraternity parties as well as a gigs at Tony Marts in Sommers Point NJ, and at one of the Pocono resorts. They even had an audition opposite The Monkey Men in Philadelphia.

Thanks to Ron Amorino for the information.


Anonymous said...

My name is Harold Price alias "Weird Harold" and I was the keyboardist for the Nickle Bagge in Margate N.J. We had a steady gig at the White House for three years. I played with Steve Matura, Fred (PigPen)
Weiss, Joe Lista, Gregg Rozicky (spelling?) and a whole bunch more. I eventually stayed to the last man when the group became Button Gwinette managed by the Nickle Bagge's original manager, Richard Harris (Mole).

Frank Dutton said...

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