Friday, May 14, 2010

Downtown Scranton

Bogart Court looking west. The walkway to the new park, which is to the left, can be seen in this view. The block in the rear of the 500 block of Lackawanna Avenue is being transformed into what will hopefully be a street lined with fashionably hip shops.


Sandra L. said...

Hi, Frank: Do you remember Bogart Place? i think it was different from Bogart Court, although how I am not sure. One entered it from Lackawanna Avenue, where Steamtown Mall is now located. There was a small antiques shop in a basement of a building there in 1985, and before that, I believe a place called 50 Kings. Do you have any photos of same?

Frank Dutton said...

According to the 1930's map I have they are one and the same. Maybe one of those little alleyways that ran up to Lackawanna Ave could have also been called Bogart Place, or maybe Court. I don't have any photos of that area before the Mall, but the Lackawanna Historical Society probably does.

Sandra L. said...

Aha! Thanks very much. I have a photo in one of the LHS's books, "As Seen from a Camera," of one of those alleyways. I'll check with LHS next time I'm up that way.