Sunday, March 25, 2012

Allen Theatre

The first two shows I worked at the Allen Theatre on Playhouse Square, 40 years ago this weekend!

From my memoir:

...Saturday, March 25, 1972, Richard Harris the well known actor, and singer was the main attraction that day. The first thing I did, was they sent me up to the balcony, and had me dust off seats, then fill numerous boxes of popcorn. As showtime neared, Ray Shepardson, gave me a cashbox, and put me in charge of the mezzanine concession stand. I had to ask what the prices were. “Everything’s a quarter,” was the reply. So here I was a wide eyed 15 years old, with a box full of money, and these people hadn’t laid eyes on me until that morning. Once the doors opened, a friend of Ray’s, Gordon Bell came up to actually supervise. It was a big show that night, capacity crowd, and Harris didn’t disappoint. Although he was a bit on the tipsy side, to say the least, he narrated clips of his films, including Camelot, recited poetry, and sang some songs, including MacArthur Park. Over the next week, numerous calls came in, asking when he would return.
Sunday March 26, brought a different type of show, Dave Mason, and Jo Jo Gunn. A big rock show. It was the first, of what would be many times I would witness the lights going out, followed by 2,800 people lighting marihuana cigarettes. The other thing I would remember is how loud the music was.

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