Saturday, May 9, 2015

El Grande de Coca Cola

40 years ago tonight, May 9, 1975, El Grande de Coca Cola opened in the State Theatre auditorium after previewing on the 7th and 8th. For the event the auditorium was transformed into El Club Grande, a seedy Honduras nightclub. It was a funky set up but a good fit, the State auditorium had no seats, and no air conditioning, perfect for a summer run. The talented cast, led by director Fran Soeder, included Patty Johnson, Mark Passerell, Claudia Conrad, Chris Ritchey and Ralph Gunderman were uproariously funny in the best show that summer.
Barney Taxel photo.
Ad from The Plain Dealer, May 4, 1975.
Above photos, William Gesten/Foto Arts Inc.
From The Plain Dealer, April 27, 1975.

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