Monday, December 28, 2015

Colony Theatre

78 years ago today, December 28, 1937, Warner Brother's Colony Theatre on Shaker Square opened. Warner's used it as a sub-run house during it's early years of operation, later it became an art house showing mostly long run foreign pix, in the 60's and 70's the house became the home of hard ticket roadshows. Warner's closed the Colony in the late 1970's, afterwards if became the home of occasional revivals and festivals, with long periods of darkness in between. The theatre was renovated in the 1990's becoming a sixplex known as the Shaker Square Cinemas.
Name the theatre contest, from Variety, October 6, 1937.
 From The Film Daily Yearbook, 1938.
Opening night scene, from Motion Picture Herald, January 29, 1938.
Lobby, from Motion Picture Herald, April 30, 1938.
Lounge, from Showman's Trade Review, December, 2, 1944.
Two views of the auditorium, from Motion Picture Herald, April 30, 1938.
Warner Brother's ad from The Plain Dealer, June 30, 1944.
The Plain Dealer, July 21, 1961.

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