Saturday, June 4, 2016

Muhammad Ali

Remembering Muhammad Ali from the days before pay per view. A number of Ali fights were broadcast via closed circuit TV into theatres across the country, including the Allen at Playhouse Square.
From The Plain Dealer, March 31, 1972.
From The Plain Dealer, May 1, 1972. This was when I found out fight fans wait until the last minute for tix. The day before this I sold hundreds of tix at the Allen BO. For most of the afternoon there was a lengthy queue and I had thousands of dollars in sales, and was the only one there. The few times the queue dissipated I would go to the office and thumbtack piles of bills behind posters on the giant bulletin board in the Allen office. I was 15 and totally freaked out about handling that much cash.
From The Plain Dealer, September 3, 1972.
From The Plain Dealer, September 20, 1972.
From The Plain Dealer, January 28, 1974.

Meanwhile down the street at the Embassy...
From The Plain Dealer, Friday Magazine, September 26, 1975.

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