Tuesday, December 6, 2016

School By Gair Linhart

My old friend Gair has a novel out about growing up in East Cleveland in the 60's, a fun read, highly recommended! The blurb from the publisher:
"School by Cleveland native Gair Linhart is a funny and poignant coming of age novel which depicts an artistic youth who struggles with the rigors of math/science curricula of the sixties. In his rust belt hometown of East Cleveland, Jack Elbon also endures: headless phantoms at Y camp, gut-churning rides at Euclid Beach Amusement Park, perennial fifth place finishes for his beloved Indians and Rocky Colavito, puberty-related misconceptions regarding human anatomy, having two left feet as a member of the Shaw High School marching band, and cold and hot war anxieties from the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam war. An uproarious surprise ending takes Jack into the dusty Roxy Theater, during the waning days of burlesque. Subjects such as race relations, bullying, marijuana, seductive teachers, and pot roast gobbling preachers are viewed through the lens of Jack’s naive but penetrating eye. Other relics of the era such as Rat Finks, Troll Dolls, Skee-ball, Cleveland Municipal Stadium and the world champion 1964 Browns, Ripple wine, and corporal punishment in the form of “swats” also serve as tiles in this glittering mosaic. Ever at odds with his colorful siblings and parents, Jack’s love for them ultimately prevails. Although written and published second, School is the prequel to Linhart’s Crazy Blue City, which also features Jack Elbon and his memorable friends, who appear in that novel as older characters." - (WebWitchcraft publishing)

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