Monday, March 20, 2017

Chuck Berry

I never got to see Chuck Berry, although I have a lot of his records, even the dodgy fake live one from the early 60's. He did play the Allen, about seven weeks before I started working there. Those early bills from the 50's look like fun dates, must have been chaotic with all those acts scrambling around backstage.
From The Cleveland Plain Dealer, June 15, 1956. The Hippodrome had six floors of dressing rooms on each side of the stage, almost all of which were tiny, more like closets. This was probably one of the last times those rooms would have seen this much use. By this point the Hipp didn't have many stage shows, and the ones they did have didn't have this many acts on the bill.
From The Cleveland Plain Dealer, March 30, 1958.
From The Aquinas (University of  Scranton) December 15, 1972.
From Box Office, December 1, 1956. These pictures were always corny, but entertaining.

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