Friday, January 12, 2018

Moreland Theatre

The Moreland Theatre at 11820 Buckeye Road. This theatre had a varied career, first as a picture house, later as a Hungarian Supper Club. It was also a teen club, an illegal nightclub, and eventually a church. Back in the mid-70's I had a friend who lived in this building. We could climb out a hallway window, into a light well, and into the projection room. The place was empty back then, glad it's being used for something now.
Moreland Theatre, from Wikimedia Commons.
 From the Plain Dealer, January 12, 1928.
 From Motion Picture News, December 29, 1928.
 The Regent was a block away and was the primary opposition. From the Plain Dealer, December 22, 1929.
From Showmen's Trade Review, November 12, 1949.
 From Boxoffice, August 1, 1953.
 From Boxoffice, November 27, 1954.
From Boxoffice, December 11, 1954.
From the Plain Dealer, February 21, 1968.

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