Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Abandoned Brewery

An abandoned brewery on Route 92 in Exeter. Originally the building was occupied by the Forest Castle Brewery in 1873. Later Forest Castle became H.R. Hughes & Co. Brewery, and eventually the Hughes & Glennon Brewery around 1887. I'm unsure of how long the building was used as a brewery. The cinder block additions, which I didn't examine too closely, look like they were added in the 1960's. The building clearly has been vacant for some time, having lost it's upper floor(s) over the years, only a corner of the original building remains. I didn't stay in here too long, the ceiling is brick, and part of it has collapsed.


Daenel T. said...

What a beautiful old building!

Unknown said...

It caught fire along time ago. Which is why it was abandoned and left to rot. There is still a safe in the rock fave behind the building still. It was built ed into the moutain.