Friday, September 28, 2012

Allen Theatre: T Rex

From my memoir:

At the T Rex concert, Thursday, September 28, 1972, the theatre was about half filled, about 1,200 were there. I was walking around, and stopped in the mezzanine men's room. The window was open, and a pair of hands was coming through the window. I tossed my cigar down onto to somebody’s head, all I heard was, 'AAGGHH" and the hands went away. I then walked over and locked the window. Gate crashers were always a constant worry in those days. I guess $4.50 was too much for them to pay. The opening act, The Doobie Brothers were pretty lame, but T rex rocked as usual. When they played Get It On at the end, Micky Finn was throwing handfuls of T Rex The Slider buttons into the crowd. There must have been hundreds of them in the front of the auditorium, sure wished I had one now. Adfter the show was over we found the front window of the box office was smashed, but there was no major damage inside, which was sometimes the case.

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