Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Keith's 105th

August 31, 1924 ad.

Keith's 105th opened in November 1921, either on the 21st or 24th depending on the source. The theatre was designed by Rapp & Rapp who also designed the Palace at Playhouse Square, as well as a number of other theatres. Keith's 105 opened as a vaudeville house, but later became a picture house as vaude declined in the 1920's. The Keith - Albee chain merged with Martin Beck's Orpheum circuit in the waning days of big time vaude, in January 1928, and was quickly taken over by a syndicate led by David Sarnoff and Joseph Kennedy becoming Radio - Keith - Orpheum (RKO) in October 1928. The mid 1950's saw the decline of the theatre, as well as the surrounding area wich also included Loew's Park, Alhambra Theatre, Circle Theatre, and the University Theatre, along with numerous shops. The last films were shown in the late 1960's and later the theatre's lobby was used as the Love Center Cinema, a porn house. The theatre was razed in late fall of 1981.

March 1, 1951 ad.

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