Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cleveland: St. Benedict Church

St. Benedict church at 2940 East Boulevard in Cleveland, first opened on October 7, 1928. The new church was dedicated on May 17, 1953 and closed on June 27, 1993. Below are a series of photos from the last mass.

 After the last mass a gathering was held in the school basement on Lamontier Avenue, which was the original church built in 1928.
below, from the Universe Bulletin March 26, 1993.
above, Universe Bulletin, June 18, 1993.

Above, pages from the closing program.
Below, from the Plain Dealer, June 28, 1993.

Above, from the Universe bulletin, July 2, 1993.
above, from an untitled songbook, 1963.
Below: Two items from the Catholic Universe Bulletin, December 17, 1937.

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