Monday, June 3, 2013

Erieview Catholic High School

A few photos of Erieview High School from June 6, 1993.

    Above - This building was once the St. Peters grade school.
Hallway West Building, the former St. Peter's grade school.
      Hallway, West Building, the former St. Peter's grade school.
Classroom main building.

 Stairway Main Building.
Hallway Main Building
Marker says " In Memory of Robin Phillips -Class of 80-" Wonder what happened to this after the school closed.

The Catholic Young Women's Hall was once located on the top floor of the old high school building.

A December 1952 view showing the former St Peter's High School, St. Peter's elementary school, and St. Peter's church, photographer unknown. 

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Sue said...

The old high school is now the Bishop Cosgroe Center. It houses various offices and a cafeteria that serve homeless people and those of little means. The St Peter's school wasn't maintained.