Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cleveland: Euclid Beach Park

Euclid Beach was a popular amusement park on Cleveland's east side starting in 1895. Hemmed in by residential and industrial sites the park was unable to expand and compete with the larger parks that began to crop up in the1960's. 1969 was the last season for Euclid Beach, closing on September 28th.
Below are some images from an undated postcard folder.
Above, an ad from the Cleveland Press, August 20, 1964.


Anonymous said...

These Pictures are fantastic. Thanks for bring back all those memories.

Sandra L. said...

Hi, Frank: That Derby ride is something I learned about while watching a video on carousels. There are only a couple of them left in the world now. One is at Playland in Rye, NY.

Bikerman69 said...

I was on the Derby ride at Playland....wild ride...especially on the outside row.

Bikerman69 said...

I was on the Derby ride at Playland in Rye back in the 80's. I was in American Coaster Enthusiasts. I did learn about Euclid Beach back then but only in limited articles. Now, thanks to the internet I can delve deeper ito the history of different parks.For clarity, this is my first. Wish I had been there when it was operating.