Thursday, March 20, 2014

Howard Thurston

Howard Thurston was a famous magician in the early part of the 20th Century. Thurston was born in Columbus Ohio in 1869, and was known for card tricks, he died on April 13, 1936.
From what I understand, he would toss out cards like this into his audiences.

In late January, early February, 1980 as part of a publicity stunt for an upcoming attraction, we held a seance on the mezzanine of the RKO Palace in Columbus Ohio with Harry Blackstone.  One of Blackstone's cast attempted to contact Thurston, it was rather comical, and was taped for a local access TV show. Of course nothing more then a bunch of moaning and drama occurred.

Three months later, in May 1980 a group of us were sent to the Fox Theatre in Philadelphia to salvage light fixtures before the Fox was razed. When I climbed above the ceiling of the auditorium to lower the big chandelier in the dome, I found this card laying in the dust.
The other side of the card, with Thurston's daughter Jane.
The Philadelphia Fox, where Thurston began his farewell tour, August 23, 1935. I found the card mentioned here above the main ceiling on my way to lower the big chandelier in the dome as seen here. From Exhibitor's Trade Review, December 15, 1923.

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