Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Moosic Pa: Abandoned Gunpowder Plant

The ruins of the abandoned black powder plant in Moosic. Originally known as the Belin Works of the DuPont Company the complex first opened in 1912. Following an explosion on June 21, 1971 DuPont curtailed operations, selling the plant to Gearhart - Owen Company in 1972. Gearhart - Owen later became known as GOEX which continued to operate the Moosic facility until an explosion killed two workers on April 16, 1997. That incident was the last of a number of fatal accidents at the plant, on May 15, 1991, three workers were killed in an explosion at the sifting house. Undoubtedly there were other fatal accidents over the years. The complex has suffered several fires since its closing and now sits abandoned.

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Anonymous said...

Are these the mysterious buildings I used to see behind the airport fence while driving along the turnpike back in the 1980s ? I always wondered what the buildings were considering it looked to be on airport property and a railroad ran to it.