Monday, November 9, 2015

Luna Park

We made a brief visit to Luna Park yesterday, there's not much left since the park closed 99 years ago. Half the park grounds are buried under I-81, the few remaining remnants are slowly crumbling away.
The largest remaining remnant of the park is this passageway under the Laurel Line's Dunmore branch. The Laurel Line spent $7,000 to construct this passage to keep people away from the third rail. Today it's filled with trash and muck, and can be found off the end of Matthew Street.
Footbridge remains above the Lackawanna Railroad tracks. This once led to Nay Aug Park on the opposite side of Roaring Brook.
The remaining corner of the Shoot-the-chute lagoon, the rest is buried under I-81.
Remains of the Circus Stage.

On the hillside above the railroad, there are remains of the Scenic Railway, but I'm no longer agile enough to climb down there.

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These were great Frank. Thank you so much.