Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie

Late summer of 1972 saw Bowie getting heavy airplay in Cleveland. His first appearance in town was at Music Hall on Friday, September 22, 1972. I was offered comps for this show, tuned them down, never regretted it. This should have been in the Allen, a superior venue. Weeks later he was back, this time a pair of SROs at Public Hall. He was an act that broke big out of Cleveland, well before he was getting airplay anywhere else in the country. It's no secret Cleveland was a big payola town, monetary or pharmaceutical incentives could get an act some heavy play. Whether the public bought it was always another story.
From the Plain Dealer Action Tab, August 18, 1972.
A couple years later at Public Hall, from Plain Dealer Action Tab, October 18, 1974.

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