Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Hertner TransVerter

EnerSys is closing the Cleveland plant that was once the Hertner Electric Co. in a couple months. Hertner was an early electric supply manufacturer that made a variety of items from motors to storage batteries for mine locomotives. Their big claim to fame was the TransVerter, a motor-generator which supplied clean DC power for projection lamps (arc lights). Basically the transverter is what took the flicker out of pictures. I remember these were in the Allen booth, in the little room off the large room behind the main booth.
John Hertner, from Motion Picture Herald, May 30, 1936.
From The Moving Picture World, October 23, 1915.
From The Moving Picture World, December 4, 1915.
From Richardson's Handbook of Projection, 5th ed, 1927.
From Motion Picture Projectionist, January 1928.
From Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture World January 21, 1928.
New plant at 12690 Elmwood Avenue, from Motion Picture Projectionist, December 1928.
From Motion Picture Projectionist, June 1931.
From Motion Picture Herald, October 19, 1946.
John Hertner, a bit of background and a look towards the future, from Motion Picture Herald, May 30, 1936.


Steven Votava said...

I just came across what I believe to be a control panel for the TransVerter. It has a tag that says TransVerter for Motion picture projection The Hertner Electric Company. It has a knob on it that indicates "Raise Speed" & "Raise Voltage". There is also 2 gauges and another voltage knob on the bottom. I'm curious to know what era this is from.

Jimmydean said...

I have a friend who bought an old movie theatre. In the old projection room is an actual hertner transverter.i have pics of the in tact motor tags. Any idea if there is a market for something like this?

Frank Dutton said...

I have no idea if the TransVerter has any value to collectors.