Sunday, February 5, 2017

Loew's State Theatre

Today is the 96th anniversary of the opening of Loew's State Theatre.
 From Wid's Daily, February 5, 1921.
Opening week program, the other two houses shown are both Loew Theatres, the Stillman was at 1111 Euclid, and Loew's Euclid was on 9th at Chester Avenue. The Euclid was short lived, opened in 1919 and razed to make way for the Union Trust Bank building by 1924.
Loew's State in th espring of 1921, from Moving Picture World, June 18, 1921. On the right construction appears to be underway on the new B. F. Keith theatre. to the left of Loew's State is the Ohio Theatre, and a bit more to the left is the Allen Theatre.
 The mammoth lobby, from Motion Picture News, March 19, 1921.
Proscenium and stage, from Motion Picture News, March 19, 1921.
Auditorium, from Motion Picture News, March 19, 1921.
Christmas prologue, from Motion Picture News, February 11, 1922. I'm not certain, but this may be a scene from The Newsboy's Dream.
From The Plain Dealer, March 29, 1925.
From Motion Picture News, May 1, 1926.
 From Motion Picture Herald, May 27, 1944.
Howard Burkhardt was a top bond salesman during the war. From Showman's Trade Review. August 12, 1944.
From Motion Picture Herald, November 4, 1944.
From The Plain Dealer, October 12, 1968.
Ward Marsh's famous obit for Loew's State, from The Plain Dealer, February 4, 1969. The death notice was a bit premature. After the theatre sat dark for four years the State came back from the dead.
From The Plain Dealer, March 8, 1973.
Brel is a hit! From The Plain Dealer Action Tab, June 1, 1973.  Brel would run for over two years. It became known later as the show that saved the theatres.
Much more on Brel can be found here.

More on Loew's State is here for the 95th anniversary.

The entire special opening day section from The Plain Dealer is here, along with some other info.

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