Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday, November 24, 1963

Sunday, November 24 was another grim day that also came with a most shocking incident.
New York Daily News, November 24, 1963.
Washington Post, November 24, 1963.
The Scrantonian, November 24, 1963.
Kennedy's body being moved from the White House.
Kennedy's body was moved from the White House to the Capitol rotunda.
Arrival at the Capitol, Abbie Rowe photo.
Kennedy lies in state in the Capitol rutunda.
Overhead view, NY Daily News photo.
Meanwhile back in Dallas.
Nightclub owner Jack Ruby, left, heads downtown to send one of his employees, Karen Lynn Bennett, right (Little Lynn, aka Karen Lynn Carlin), a $25.00 dollar money order via Western Union.
Little Lynn needed the money to buy groceries because Ruby had closed his clubs for the weekend and she wasn't working as a result. As for Ruby his mental state deteriorated as the weekend progressed, he was especially disturbed that Jacqueline Kennedy would have to return to Dallas for the assassin's trial. He was also quite upset after reading an open letter to Caroline Kennedy in the morning paper.
After his stop at the Western Union office at 11:17 AM CST, Ruby walked past Dallas Police officer Roy Eugene Vaughn who was guarding the Main Street ramp, seen above, at the Dallas Police headquarters.
At 11:21 AM CST Ruby darted out of the crown as the assassin, Oswald, was being moved to the County Jail. Jack Beers photo.
Ruby shoots Oswald once with a .38 caliber revolver. Robert Jackson, Dallas Times-Herald photo.
Oswald is rushed to Parkland Hospital where he expires at 1:07 PM CST.
Back in Washington huge crowds, estimated at 500,000, line up to file past Kennedy's coffin in the Capitol rotunda. Abbie Rowe photo.
The National Football League played their games as planned, here the Cleveland Browns host the Dallas Cowboys at Municipal Stadium. A moment of silence preceded the game. Fans heckled the Cowboys, spat at them and called them "Kennedy Killers." The Browns won the game 27-17, Gary Collins caught two Frank Ryan touchdown passes, but Jim Brown had his worst game of the season, only rushing for 51 yards. Harry Barr photo.
An event that was under reported that weekend was the Golden Age Nursing Home fire in Fitchville, Ohio that killed 63 elderly residents. Elyria Chronicle-Telegram, November 23, 1963.
Aftermath of the Fitchville fire, November 23, 1963.

This series of 1963 posts will be concluded tomorrow.

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